Our potato seeds


KETTARA is the leader in Morocco in the introduction and marketing of protected varieties of red potato seeds.

We are marketing exclusively AGRICO varieties in Morocco. A large portfolio of protected red and yellow varieties.

MANITOU is our protected flagship variety, the second largest variety imported to Morocco after the free variety Désirée.

Our red varieties

Our wide range of red varieties introduced throughout the kingdom, adapted to the climate and soil of each region, ensure the best required performance: Manitou, Rudolph, Kondor, Kuroda, Esmee, Evolution, Alouette.

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Our yellow varieties

Beautiful range of white varieties, with smooth skin, uniform tubers and attractive color, as well as a high yield: Arizona, Faluka, Agria, Arsenal, Destiny.

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Why choose us ?

Certified seeds

Varieties certified, selected and adapted to our regions.


Varieties resistant to diseases and drought.

Guaranteed quality

Quality and high yield assured.

Harvesting and storage

Varieties easy to harvest and suitable for long storage.

Customer service

Attentive team listening carefully to you.

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